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[December 19, 2021]

How do we learn to take the perspective of others?

Prof. dr. Ted Sanders (Faculty of Humanities), Prof. dr. Mariëtte de Haan (Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences) and Prof. dr. Wieger Bakker (Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance) together discuss the question how we as human beings learn to take the perspective of others.

Ted Sanders is an expert on cognitive processes, discourse and linguistics. He kicks off by sharing insights on how we as children learn to take the perspective of others and which cognitive and linguistic skills people need to recognize and take the perspective of others. Then, Mariëtte de Haan and Wieger Bakker will both reflect on individual, cognitive-linguistic ‘perspective taking’ from their own discipline, shifting towards more collective, societal perspectives. Mariëtte de Haan comments from a cultural diversity point of view, arguing that difference of perspective can rise from being engaged in different collective systems of meaning. Finally, Wieger Bakker illustrates the concept of citizenship and how this relates to the notion of perspective-taking.

You can listen to this episode here.