The UiL OTS Language & Communication research group


Our group welcomes four new assistant professors

[September 2021]

In the past months, the Language and Communication research group welcomed four new assistant professors. Each of these new colleagues will conduct research on some aspect of language and/or communication, and teach in several programs within our department.

  • Marije van Braak is a researcher with expertise in (medical) educational research and interaction analysis, she analyzes conversations in educational and medical settings. The aim of this type of research is to optimize those conversations.
  • Yvette Linders is interested in rhetorics and arguments, especially in a health context.
  • Marloes van Moort is interested in the cognitive processes involved in monitoring of one’s understanding while reading and the underlying neural processes using various research methods, such as behavioural studies, eyetracking and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
  • Rena Zendedel focuses on interpreted medical communication.

We are looking forward to learning more about their work!