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Karin Fikkers wins Best Published Article award

[May 22, 2020]

At this year’s digital annual conference of the International Communication, L&C group member Karin Fikkers received the Best Published Article award from the Children, Adolescents, and the Media (CAM) division. She and her co-authors Jessica Piotrowski and Patti Valkenburg (University of Amsterdam) received this recognition for their article titled “Child’s Play? Assessing the Bidirectional Longitudinal Relationship between Gaming and Intelligence in Early Childhood”, published in the Journal of Communication.

In this article, Karin and colleagues investigated the longitudinal relationship between children’s digital game use and fluid and crystallized intelligence. Specifically, this study examined whether digital games affect children’s fluid and crystallized intelligence (an effects perspective), whether children with higher levels of fluid or crystallized intelligence are more attracted to digital games (a selection perspective), or whether evidence supports a reciprocal relationship between digital game play and intelligence. Using data from 934 children aged 3 to 7 years (52% girls) across four waves with one-year intervals, their study indicates partial support for the effects perspective and no support for the selection perspective for fluid intelligence. For crystallized intelligence, their findings did not reveal any significant relationship with digital game use. The results suggest that digital games can move the needle for fluid intelligence, but more insight is needed to identify how this effect occurs, in which situations, and for which children this is most likely.

To celebrate their awards winners, the CAM division presents a series of interviews with that year’s winners. Read the short interview with Karin here.