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Lingua Receptiva makes positive contributions to construction, health, and education sectors

[February 3, 2020]

Members of the Language & Communication group conducted a study into the use of lingua receptive (in Dutch: luistertaal) in the construction, health, and education sectors in the Netherlands and Flanders. Lingua receptiva refers to situations in which conversational partners each speak a different language, but can understand each other because they have sufficient knowledge of the other person’s language.

Jan ten Thije, Emmy, Gulikers, and Karen Schoutsen conducted the study commissioned by the Taalunie. Their study showed that the use of lingua receptive in the construction sector can positively contribute to safety and quality care. In health settings, it contributes to better understanding and health skills. In educational settings, it contributes to well-being and learning.

More information (in Dutch only) can be found here and here.