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Rena Zendedel to speak at symposium on Intercultural Communication and Migrant Inclusion

[October 28, 2019]

Dr. Rena Zendedel will speak about her research at a symposium at the Radboud University on December 12, 2019. If you are interested, you can still register to attend.

Much is gained or lost when it comes to intercultural communication in migrant inclusion efforts. To be able to better navigate their lives in host societies, migrants strive to master the local language and cultural literacies. At the same time, professionals setting up support infrastructures for migrants are investing in culturally sensitive work approaches and call in support of interpreters and by intercultural mediators. In this seminar, the role of intercultural communication in migrant inclusion efforts is being discussed on the basis of four interdisciplinary research initiatives. Moreover, participants and invited speakers will explore opportunities to build an interdisciplinary research agenda around this theme.

Rena will speak about her dissertation research on informal interpreting in Dutch general practice.